[Album] Lie and A Chameleon 嘘とカメレオン – 予想は嘘よ (2017.09.06/AAC/RAR)

Release Date: 2017.09.06
Format: AAC/RAR


M-1. されど奇術師は賽を振る
M-2. N氏について
M-3. 終わりの果てのはなし
M-4. Lapis
M-5. ヤミクロ
M-6. 輝夜華ぐ夜
M-7. 盤下の詩人

Artist Profile

Uso to Chameleon (嘘とカメレオン) who also call themselves Lie and a Chameleon, is an alternative rock five-man-band that formed in 2015. They’ve injected small doses of interesting sounds to indie tunes we’re familiar with nowadays, so we’re hoping they’ll become even more experimental with their work. So far they have only two tracks on YouTube; Saredo Kijutsu-shi wa Sai o Furu (されど奇術師は賽を振る) and N-shi ni tsuite (N氏について) which are both part of the album we have here.